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Japan Sights, Culture & Cuisine Tour

October 2 – 15, 2019
A tour of Japan Culture and Cuisine which starts in Tokyo and continues on as we reach the southern city of Hiroshima. Experience stops into some of the most famous designated World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. Visit Kyoto’s 1200 years of history and culture in such places as Nijo Castle, a former Tokugawa era shogun’s residence and the gold leaf covered Golden Pavilion…Tour details

Experience China Tour

One of the world’s oldest civilizations, China continues to captivate every visitor that have visited. Today’s China is where the ancient meets the modern age. Join us as we take you through this spectacular country. You will experience the Forbidden City, the Terra Cotta excavations, the Stone Forest in western China. You will be amazed at the spectacular Longsheng Rice Terrace. You will cruise down the Yangtze River and be amazed at the spectacular scenery each day…Tour details


Myanmar and Laos

It doesn’t matter whether this is your first or 51st visit to Myanmar: you won’t fail to notice the energy, hope and possibilities for the future that hang in the air. Exiles are returning, joining others in rising to the challenge of bringing their country into the 21st century at the same time as preserving the best of the past. Myanmar has many problems to fix but its people remain as stoic and charming as ever. Slow down, sit, listen and connect with them – it’s the best way to appreciate what’s truly golden…Tour details

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Savour Japan’s Sights and Culinary Delights

Savour Japan’s Sights and Culinary Delights

“My first trip to Japan was haphazard, reliant on printed maps, patient people and poorly translated websites. Using guesswork to order food, one memorable meal I ended up with a salad — and six deep-fried dishes. Yet I developed such a taste for the country, I moved there in 2010”

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