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A China Tour Visiting Extraordinary Tiananmen Square

Michael Ho, Owner & Travel Guide, Premiere Journeys

July, 2018

Situated near the Gate of Heavenly Peace entrance to the Forbidden City, one of the more fascinating yet solemn attractions in Beijing is Tiananmen Square. “Originally designed and built in 1651, Tiananmen has been enlarged to four times its original size and was cemented over in 1958.” Today this square is “the world’s largest public square at 440,000 sq metres.”

The immense open pavement view may have one recall a time when Soviet-style structures and other influences in certain parts of the world were the norms shown in photos, on television, and in the movies. Many momentous political gatherings have occurred in Tiananmen Square including “two of the most notable with the May Fourth Movement (1919) and the Tiananmen Square incident (1989).” The opportunity to experience the site of these historical events is featured on the very first day of our upcoming Experience China Tour with a Beijing City Tour.

Mao Zedong

Tiananmen Square

“Tiananmen Square is perhaps the “symbolic centre” of the Chinese universe”

Tiananmen Square is perhaps the “symbolic centre” of the Chinese universe. Chairman Mao conceived the square to project the enormity of the Communist Party, and during the Cultural Revolution he reviewed parades of up to a million people here.” The portrait of Mao Zedong may be seen on the Gate of Heavenly Peace at the northern end of the square.

The National Museum of China resides on the eastern side while the Great Hall of the People, site of the “annual meetings of the National People’s Congress“, is located on the western side of Tiananmen. The Monument to the People’s Heroes is in the centre of the square and south of this monument is the “Mao Zedong Memorial Hall, in which the body of Mao Zedong lies in state, and farther south is the Front Gate (Qianmen).”

Monument to the People’s Heroes

Tiananmen Square

A day with a blue sky should give plenty of interesting photo opportunities. Decent panoramic views without overwhelming the target of the photo may be taken with the Gate of Heavenly Peace and the Monument to the People’s Heroes each as the backdrop. Even if the skies are not cloudless, Tiananmen Square remains as a perfect starting point for the Experience China Tour.

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